About Peter Chapman

I'm Peter Chapman, Conservative MSP for North East Scotland.

I was born and brought up in the North East and have lived and worked on our family farm near Strichen all my life. I am passionate about this corner. I want to see it prosper by providing the very best opportunities for everyone.

During the referendum I debated on behalf of 'Better Together' with Nicola Sturgeon, and others in venues across Scotland. It is my commitment to preserving Scotland's place in the UK, coupled with frustration of witnessing eight years of a controlling central belt focused Government steadily erode our local democracy, that made me decide to stand as an MSP candidate.

I will fight for this corner   -  for better health,  education and policing services; for the best possible  outcomes in farming and fishing negotiations;  and I will always oppose the  'named person' policy. It is a frighteningly unhealthy interference in family life.