Say no to another referendum

The SNP promised the last referendum would be “once in a generation”. Before May’s Holyrood elections, Nicola Sturgeon said she’d “respect” that vote. But now, just a few weeks on, she’s now preparing to force Scotland to go through it all again.

Modernising infrastructure

I plan to modernise our local and regional infrastructure - dual A90 beyond Ellon; upgrade A947; superfast broadband for all.I have already raised the issue of dualling the A90 in the Scottish Parliament but, unfortunately, no commitments were made at that time.I also recently tabled a motion in the aftermath of the tragic death of George Whiteman on the A947 - the second most dangerous road in Scotland - calling for Aberdeenshire Council and the Scottish Government to work together on delivering vital safety improvements.

Diversifying the economy

I would like to diversify the economy of the North East of Scotland, reducing the reliance on oil industry and regenerating town centres.

Securing a better deal

I will secure fairer financial settlement for North East councils –stop SNP central belt bias.

Investing in young people

I am campaigning for more investment in our young people - more teachers, more college places and apprentices