MSP supports Aberdeen Football Club stadium plans

A North East MSP has given his backing to plans from Aberdeen Football Club to build a new stadium.


Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman has written to the club and to opponents of the planned development at Kingsford after meeting both parties to discuss the application.

SNP priced out of function room hire... by the SNP

The SNP’s business rates hike has been slammed by its own party, after a nationalist north east branch was priced out of a hotel it’s been using since the 1970s.

The Banff Springs Hotel in Aberdeenshire has been hit with a £50,000 rates rise thanks to Scottish Government changes.

MSP calls for Brewdog jobs to stay local

North East MSP Peter Chapman has held talks with craft beer giant Brewdog as well as Aberdeenshire Council in an effort to help broker a deal in an ongoing land dispute.


SNP must stop dodging gypsy-traveller problems

The SNP Government has today been accused of “dodging” questions on laws regarding unauthorised gypsy-traveller encampments.

Scottish Conservative MSP Peter Chapman again raised the issue at Holyrood during topical questions on Justice and the Law.