Debate on the Holodomor

A North East MSP has asked the Scottish Parliament to recognise the “horror” of a 20th Century atrocity which is almost unknown to this day.

More than 80 years ago, millions of Ukrainians died in a famine that many label a genocide by the Soviet regime of Joseph Stalin.

Banks loan £100m extra to farmers amid CAP crisis

Banks loaned an extra £100 million to farmers across Scotland last year, as businesses struggled to cope with the SNP’s CAP payments crisis.

Official figures released today showed farm debt went up by five per cent from the previous year, a cash-terms rise of £113 million.

Farmer income plummeted as SNP botched CAP payments

Farming income across Scotland decreased by almost half as rural communities struggled amid the SNP’s chaotic approach to CAP payments.

Figures released today revealed, in 2015/16, the average income fell by £11,500 to £12,600.